August 2019:


Aug. 15th: Sugarlands Distillery in Gatlinburg, TN -- 6pm

Aug. 24th: Puckett's in Franklin, TN -- 8:30pm (reservations recommended)

Hey there friends!  I hope everyone has had a good summer. It's hard to believe school has started already (at least here in TN) and the summer is almost over. I must admit I'm ready for fall.  BRING ON THE PUMPKIN SPICE I SAY!  :-) 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to several house concerts this fall, as well as some speaking engagements with God and My Girlfriends Ministries. 

If you aren't connected with G&G Ministries on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please follow us!  We hope to be a little bright spot in your social media feeds.  :-)    I'm going to be singing and speaking at Lancaster Vineyard Church In Lancaster, OH on Sept. 6th-7th. If you live in the area, or know a woman in the area who would like a weekend of women supporting and encouraging one another, send them our way!  We'd love to have them join us for this special women's event. 

For tickets or more information: http://conferences.lancastervineyard.org/?fbclid=IwAR2ioY6l5XklibqkV0L0TFKSPmL1nnyCqiPy5GeP4YGT3aPbG8OXm8dMMWE


In other news, I've got several new videos out now on YouTube that I want you to check out!  Here is the latest, a lyric video to the title track of my latest EP, "Abba's Child".  You can see it and more on my new YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to see all the latest videos!



If you haven't checked out "Abba's Child" yet, please give it a listen.  It's my first Faith-based project and I couldn't be more proud of it.  My husband, Mike Waldron did an amazing job producing this CD. It's got a wide range of musical styles, but he somehow managed to make it all work together!  (I married a genius!).  Lyrically, it's basically the story of my faith. Beginning with my early days in the church, losing my way a bit, and then coming back around.  Hopefully, you'll find something you can relate to in my journey and feel hopeful after you travel this road with me. It truly IS a story about HOPE -- which we all need a little more of these days!  :-) 



That’s about it for now.  I'm taking some time off this summer to enjoy family and friends, but a few shows are popping up, so keep an eye on my calendar page!   Let us know if you are interested in booking a house concert!  We LOVE doing those!  For more information, check out the House Concerts page here on my site! 

Ok... until next time....Y'all be good to each other!

Love, Peace And Blessings,






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