Hello friends!                                                  July 5th, 2014         


Well, here we are, smack-dab in the middle of summer.   I’m typing this from beautiful Manson, WA, where we are about to play a show tonight with Blood, Sweat and Tears.  The weather is much cooler here than we have been experiencing in Nashville, so it’s a nice relief for me.  I struggle with the long, hot humid days we have this time of year in Nashville, so traveling NORTH is always a treat in July/Aug.


June was full of shows for me.  I’m still touring with the AMAZING Christopher Cross and we got to share the stage with the Jacksonville Symphony, which was super cool!!  Hearing those gorgeous arrangements performed with a REAL Symphony was incredible.  I had chills all night!   (think about the intro to “Sailing” for a minute… I mean… c’mon….STUNNING.)


 THEN… we headed to Tulsa, OK for 2 nights of shows w/CC.  I have a lot of family in that area so it was awesome to get in some family visits while I was there.  Extra special thanks to my cousin Judy Miles, who helped organize many of the details so that I could get time in with everyone!!   

 While I was already in the great state of Oklahoma, I took a couple of extra days to visit my Birth Mother and her husband, as well as my brothers and sister and their familes in the OKC area.  That is one of the wonderful things about traveling with my work… getting to squeeze in little visits with family and friends that I probably wouldn’t see that often.  It was wonderful to catch up with all my OKC family! 


Later in June,  had our very first “Twelve Against Nature” road trip, performing in Destin, FL for the Maddie Kelly Concerts in the Park.   THAT was FUN!


  … and, our still un-named trio, consisting of me, Rob Harris and Kim Parent, traveled down to Decatur, AL and performed at the beautiful “Princess Theatre” for a small, but appreciative crowd.    They are just starting to get their “Songwriter Series” off the ground there and I hope the community will spread the word and support it.   People travel long distances to see songwriters do their “thing” at the Bluebird Café in Nashville.  These “Songwriter” shows are basically bringing the Bluebird experience to YOU.   I hope more and more places will get on board with this idea.  It’s really, really super cool! 





I hope you guys will check my calendar periodically and catch one of my shows soon…. Here’s what’s coming up in July:

July 10th – The Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN   w/James Casto, Chas Sandford, and Kiki Ebsen


July 26th – Lancaster, OH   w/CC

July 27th – Lancaster, PA     w/CC

July 29th, Point Pleasant, NJ   w/CC


OH!  .. and Mike and I even found a little time to sneak away together for a much needed weekend together.  We took a spur of the moment trip to Memphis.   After 29 years of living in TN, I finally made a visit to Graceland!  TOTALLY COOL.  We also stayed at the Peabody, ( Priceline it people, PRICELINE!), ate at the famous Rendevouz BBQ, and spent a little time enjoying the music on Beale Street.  We also hit the Staxx Museum... yep, we crammed in a BUNCH.  I highly recommend the Memphis experience if you haven't done it!



Lovin’ all of ya…. M








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