Hi friends....          Nov. 14th, 2015

I'm at a total loss....

It's hard for me to gather my thoughts this morning as I have the tv on, listening to the latest information about the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris.   It's hard to really fathom how so much hatred can be harbored in the hearts of those terrorists.  All I know is that we CAN'T hate back.  We can't let FEAR control our emotions to the point that we become like them; People filled with hate for other people who think and act different than us.  I love this Martin Luther King quote:  

Most of you know that I am a Christ-follower.  We are called to be the LIGHT of the world.  We are called to LOVE our enemies.  We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those that are hurting.  And that means ACTION.  Yes, we need to PRAY for those that are being hurt by these horrible acts of terrorism, but we should also find ways to HELP in more tangible ways.  What can we DO?  How can we BE THE LIGHT right now in the midst of this darkness?  What does that truly LOOK LIKE?   ---   The truth is, right now, I have NO IDEA.  I'm at a total loss.  I'm sitting here in my comfy favorite chair, drinking my high-end coffee and watching the horror unfold on my high-def tv and feeling like a schmuck.  I can write about my outrage and anger here on my little blog, and feel like I'm doing something, but I know that it's not enough.  It's a scary, scary situation and it's made even more scary by my lack of ways to stop it or help.  So...for now.... I will pray.  

... and I will pray that God shows me what I can do.  And I will pray that when God shows me what to do, I will have the courage to do it.  And I will remember that God never sleeps... and He IS in the middle of this madness, somewhere.  Amen. 

My friend and current favorite boss, CC is over in France in the middle of this mess.  I am praying he gets out of there ASAP and back home safe and sound.  I would appreciate you joining me in prayer for him... and for all of the people in France who are scared and hurting.  And pray for all the world leaders as they make important decisions on how to move forward today.  


   That's about it for now.... we have some shows coming up, but it seems trivial to talk about those today.  You can always check my calendar for shows that are coming up.   Also, visit my blog for more updates now and then.... www.marciaramirez.blogspot.com  


Love to you all.... 


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