The Greatest of These


The Greatest of These is the last song written for the album. I kept telling Mike that I had this groove in my head that I wanted to write and to be completely honest, I just felt the album needed another uptempo song to round it out. I sang the chorus into my phone one day while driving around (I write a lot in my car), and one night Mike and I sat down in our living room with a couple of guitars and wrote the verses together.  Although this song seems like a “light” song, it really isn’t. This topic isn’t light at all in my opinion.  Mike and I have had many late night conversations about how unloving this world is right now. As a society, we have developed such tribal lines, and a “if you aren’t with me, you are against me” type of mentality. 

Instead of loving one another in spite of our disagreements on issues, we shun each other so easily. We find our “tribe” (aka “the people who agree with us on everything”) and decide that anyone who isn’t in our tribe is our enemy. It’s killing us all… seriously.  We are so ready to pick up arms and go to battle over the silliest things these days. It especially grieves me to see this within the Christian community because we are supposed to follow Christ’s lead on issues such as this and He clearly did NOT set that example.

One of my favorite lines in the song is one Mike spit out: “If you’re without sin, cast the first stone… but if you ain’t God, you better leave it alone.”  A-MEN my husband!  We just don’t have the ability to be judges of one another.  Nor are we called to do so. 

In John, Chapter 8, the story is told about the woman caught in adultery and the religious leaders of the day bring her to Jesus for judgement. The rules are clear. Anyone caught in bed with a married man (and she had 5 previous husbands too!  Gasp!  She was REALLY a sinner!) should be stoned to death. There was NO WAY Jesus could get around this law and let her off the hook!  But what did Jesus do?  He knelt down and started drawing/writing in the dirt. First of all, I love that he didn’t hover above this woman who had been thrown down on the ground in front of him like a piece of trash, but instead knelt down and got on her level with her.  I mean, seriously… I LOVE THAT.  That is what Jesus does.. he meets us where we are… but that’s already been covered in “Beautiful in the Broken” (if you haven’t read that story yet, you can check that out later.)  

Back to our story, so Jesus kneels down to her level and starts drawing/writing in the sand. Now, we never find out exactly what Jesus was writing or drawing.  I’ve heard some speculate that he was writing the names of each of the people standing around accusing her, and then beside their names, a specific sin that THEY were each guilty of.  Now wouldn’t THAT be dramatic!!  Then he stands up and says, “Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone!”.  Whoops. No stones were picked up. And one by one, all her accusers slink off. BOOM!  Now that’s a mic drop Jesus!  Ha!  

What happens NEXT is something many people use as a “come back” about judging others.  After all the woman’s accusers have slipped away, Jesus turns to her and says, “Woman, where are you accusers? Who is condemning you now?”, and she replies, “No one sir.” To which Jesus says, “Then neither do I. Go and sin no more.” 

You see, Jesus drew the line between us and him. WE don’t get to judge. That is HIS job and HIS job only. Humans are just terrible at judging each other because we are biased and prejudice and misinformed —- so I am truly grateful that He set the example for us to follow. We are just called to LOVE one another, and I’m pretty sure that means that the person you are loving actually FEELS loved by you.  I know that there are many groups of people in our society who do NOT feel especially “loved” by the Christian community, and that grieves me so. 

Anyway, Jesus said over and over again that our “job” here on earth is to love one another. My prayer for us all is that we can get back to loving a little more than judging. Loving each other in spite of our differences. In spite of our flaws. We can do this people.  Love on. :-)




Writers: Marcia Ramirez/Mike Waldron


CH:     Show a little love

           Show a little grace

           Show a little kindness to each other

           Have a little faith

           Have a little hope

           Have a little mercy for your brother

  And the greatest of these is love

  And the greatest of these is — love


Don’t put your faith in power and wealth

Your better love your neighbor as yourself

If you’re without sin, cast the first stone

But if you ain’t God you better leave it alone

It’s in the B-I-B-L-E

Yeah the B-I-B-L-E




Well Jesus said turn the other cheek

He made it clear - blessed are the meek

Light of the world, Salt of the earth

First will be last and last will be first

It’s in the B-I-B-L-E

Yeah the B-I-B-L-E





Drums-Wes Little

Bass-Brian Allen

Piano & Organ-Kevin Adams

Electric Guitar-Mike Waldron

*BGV’s-Carole Ford, Vanessa Connor, Marcia

Recorded at Coop DeVille Studio, Nashville, TN





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