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The Eulogy of Emerett Green  is one of the first songs I have ever recorded that I did not write.  But as I was writing songs for this record, I told Mike, "Man, I wish I had a song like Emerett Green", to which he so brilliantly replied, "Then why don't you just record Emerett Green."  DUH.  I guess because on all my previous records I had only recorded songs that I had written or co-written and it was a little intimidating to record someone else's creation. But, I got up my nerve and asked my dear friend Kaci Bolls, who co-wrote this song with our mutual friend Greg Johnson if they wouldn't mind letting me record it.  They generously said YES.. and off we went!

I have loved this song for years. Kaci and I have done a ton of songwriter "in-the-round" shows together and I've sung harmony along with Kaci as she has performed this on many occasions.  I have loved it for many reasons, but mainly for it's uniqueness.  Emerett Green is the name of a preacher, who built a church at the beginning of his days in ministry, and the song is told by the perspective of that church. The first few lines of the song set it up beautifully:

"I was build by Emerett Green... when he first heard the gospel call.

He hung my rafters and my beams... and nailed this cross upon my wall."

Kaci and Greg actually had a real preacher in mind when they wrote this song. I'm pretty sure his name wasn't "Emerett".... but I like that name. 

The reason I started "Abba's Child" with this song is because I got MY beginnings in a church. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church in a small town in Arkansas. If those church doors were open, Mama and Daddy had me there. Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights.. and sometimes on other nights of the weeks too. And LAWD-- if they were having a revival, then we would be there every night of that week!  I certainly didn't always enjoy being drug to church (especially because back then you had to get all dressed up to walk into a church!), but it was just something I knew never to argue about.  I would have lost that argument BIG TIME anyway, so I just put on my "good clothes" and went.  Even though I spent most of the sermons coloring on a book my Dad would slip over to me, I know that I was absorbing more than I realized.  I have very fond memories of First Baptist Church in Arkadelphia, AR.  I always felt safe and loved there by the members of the congregation... and by God.  It was the beginning of my spiritual journey and I'll be forever grateful that my parents gave me that early exposure to Christ.  



The Eulogy of Emerett Green

Writers: Kaci Bolls/Greg Johnson

I was built by Emerett Green

When he first heard the gospel call

He hung my rafters and my beams

and nailed this cross upon my wall

and then he knelt down on the ground

and prayed that folks would fill my seats

the people came from miles around

just to hear young Emerett preach

   And he’d sing:


CH:Hallelujah — Jesus lives

Amazing Grace — God forgives

One day we’ll all meet him in the sweet by and by

The saints will all be gathered along with you and I



Well the town was nearly washed away

When the river rose in ’42

Emerett gathered those that could be saved

Brought them to sleep upon my pews

I still remember how he cried

When the cancer took his oldest boy

Emerett prayed here with his wife

When the people came that Sunday morn

      And they sang:



Emerett lived till he was old

Now in my yard he’ll rest in peace

It’s hard for me to see him go

But heaven waits for Emerett Green

      And we sing:




Drums-Wes Little

Bass-Brian Allen

Acoustic Guitar-Mike Waldron

Electric Guitar-Derek Wells, Mike Waldron

Keyboards-Blair Masters

BGV’s-Carole Ford, Vanessa Connor, Marcia