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There’s A Reason was written with my friend Ray Barnette back in 2010. We’ve written several songs together over the years, one being “Myself and My God”, which I recorded on both my “Compromise” CD, and again on my “Beautifully Lived” EP.  That song is probably one of my most requested songs when I play live and I think it’s because it was written from such an honest place and people can feel it and relate to it.  I’ve had several emails from friends/fans who have mentioned how that song has spoken to them during difficult seasons of their lives. That makes me happy because, I mean…. that’s the whole reason I write songs —- to try and make a little difference in someone’s life when they listen to my music.  So to all of you who have reached out to me about a particular song during the years, and told me it made you laugh or cry -- or just made you want to roll the windows down in your car and sing along… THANK YOU.  I love hearing that!

But back to this song. I have to admit that I honestly don’t remember much about writing it. I wish I could tell you what Ray and I were talking about that day, and why we decided to write this lyric. What I DO know is that Ray and I have been friends for years, and one of the reasons I love writing with true friends is that we can always talk open and honestly about what is going on in our hearts at the time, and that brings about great songs. I know good songs can be written by two strangers in a writing room at a 10am writing appointment on music row…. but I have always had trouble writing that way. I need to VENT for awhile before writing, and I need to pour out some emotion that I am truly feeling for the song to come to life. Ray is one of those friends who is a great listener and great channeler. He can take my scattered thoughts and wild emotions and help me craft a song about it all. Obviously on this day, I was struggling with control issues. Not that I’m a control freak or anything….(hahahahahahahaha!).  :-) Is there a “Control Freaks Anonymous” yet?  SIGN ME UP. 

Learning to let go and let God be God is something I have definitely struggled with in my life. I know God is great and all, but some days I’m just SURE He could use my help running the universe… especially MY universe. WHY I still think sometimes that my ways are better than His is remarkable. Truly. I AM A SLOW LEARNER.  But I’m getting better. I’m learning that He knows what I don’t and sees what I can’t— and He always has my best interests at heart. So as I’m growing older, I’m relaxing more and learning to just let God handle my future. Worrying about it all hasn’t gotten me anything but gray hair (except of course I color that stuff UP), and heart palpitations. Getting older does have it’s benefits and being able to look back on your life and see how God has been so faithful —- seeing the pattern of goodness towards me even in my faithless times —it only helps me trust more and more each day.

Anyway, I have definitely learned that I do not make a good god. I make bad decisions A LOT, and I let others down A LOT and when I try to “play god” with my life or others lives, it usually backfires. So now when I feel tempted to go down that path, I can listen to one of my own songs to remind myself that, “There’s a Reason He is God, and I am not.”




Writers: Marcia Ramirez/Ray Barnette


I’m working on the art of letting go

Giving up control

It’s such a hard thing for me

I make a plan and think I know the way

Where I’m heading to each day

But I’m starting to see


That no one — really knows where they’re going

No one — knows how they’ll get there


CH:Every time I think I know what’s ‘round the corner

      I let my expectations put God in a box

     My Father comes and finds me

     And with a gentle hand reminds me

     There’s a reason He is God and I am not


I’m working on the art of trusting Him

Putting my faith in — what He’s given me today

Remembering that He knows what is best

And He hasn’t failed me yet

When I let Him lead the way


And no one — really knows where they’re going

No one — knows how they’ll get there




Yeah no one — really knows where they’re going

No one — knows how they’ll get there





Drums-Wes Little

Bass-Brian Allen

Acoustic Guitar-Mike Waldron

Electric Guitar-Derek Wells

Keyboards-Blair Masters


Recorded at Sonic Eden Studio, Nashville, TN