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Previous events

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April 2021:

Hi friends,

Well, 2021 is still keeping us all a bit in "pandemic" land, with many live concerts and events still put on hold. But I've gotten my double dose of the vaccine so I'm feeling more comfortable scheduling live shows. One of my biggest fears was that if I chose to perform and invited people out to see me, and THEY got sick because they wanted to come out and support me... well, I just couldn't live with myself if that happened.  However, now that everyone has the vaccine option out there, I trust that people will use their own judgment and if they want to come out in public and feel safe doing it, they will choose to get a vaccine. At least I hope so.

Here's what is happening this month:

Because of my newly vaccinated self, I have not one but TWO shows scheduled for May.

MAY 1ST:  I'm back with one of Nashville's premiere tribute bands, "Twelve Against Nature", which performs the music of Steely Dan.  The 7pm show sold out almost instantly, but there are still a few tickets available for the 9:30pm show, so I hope you'll head on over to and grab some tickets asap!  

MAY 8TH: I'll be joining the women of Fairdale Christian Church in Fairdale, KY for a women's luncheon and event. I was supposed to go be with those ladies back in December of 2020, but we had to postpone. I'm so glad we were able to re-schedule and have a little "God and Girlfriends" time!  


Other news:

I've been VERY busy the last few weeks getting our new "God and My Girlfriends" podcast ready for release. I've had some awesome conversations with some wise and wonderful women (and a couple of men too!) and I really think this will be a place you can come each week to get a little bit of encouragement and advice that will be helpful.  Please find us and hit "subscribe" so you'll get each week's episode dropped right into your favorite podcast platform!  The first episode of Season One drops Monday, April 26th!


Speaking of podcasts, I recently had a great conversation with Jon Diener, who hosts a wonderful podcast called "Beyond The Spotlight", where he showcases some of the more supporting roles in the music industry. We mainly talked about my career as a background vocalist with Christopher Cross, Patty Loveless, Rodney Crowell, Pam Tillis and others. If you, or anyone you know is interested in a behind the scenes glimpse of what the job looks like, take a listen here: *click image below


HOUSE CONCERTS: Also, we are starting to schedule house concerts across the country again. I do those with my super talented husband, Mike Waldron and one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Rob Harris. If you'd like to book us for a house concert at your place, go to the House Concert page here for all the details. We LOVE doing house concerts, so please message me if you have any questions!  We are currently booking for summer/fall of 2021.

SPEAKING: I'm also excited to be booking speaking engagements again with God and My Girlfriends Ministries. If you aren't connected with G&G Ministries on Facebook, or Instagram, please follow us!  We hope to be a little bright spot in your social media feeds.  :-)   And if you have a women's event coming up in your community or your church, I'd love to speak with you about being a part of the event and getting to speak to your group about how to nurture the 3 most important relationships in a women's life. God, her girlfriends, and herself!  Message me for more details. 

TOURING: Aaaaand, around all that, Christopher Cross' 40th Anniversary Tour has tentatively re-scheduled for all of 2021. This tour is going to be AMAZING!  So if you see us coming to a city near you, grab some tickets PRONTO!  You can check his schedule (which is constantly being updated) at: - they might not be putting dates up yet, but keep checking as the fall gets closer. 


MUSIC: If you haven't checked out "Abba's Child" yet, please give it a listen.  It's my first Faith-based project and I couldn't be more proud of it.  My husband, Mike Waldron did an amazing job producing this CD. It's got a wide range of musical styles, but he somehow managed to make it all work together!  (I married a genius!).  Lyrically, it's basically the story of my faith. Beginning with my early days in the church, losing my way a bit, and then coming back around.  Hopefully, you'll find something you can relate to in my journey and feel hopeful after you travel this road with me. It truly IS a story about HOPE -- which we all need a little more of these days!  :-) 


Ok... until next time....Y'all be good to each other!

Love, Peace And Blessings,